Sunday, August 16, 2009

Moroccan Romance

I went to Disney World two summers ago. The first park that we went to was the Epcot Center. I had not been there since I was about 10 years old! The place looked so familiar, yet so different. We enjoyed the rides, and I especially enjoyed our lunch. We decided to eat at the Moroccan restaurant, Marrakesh, at the World Showcase. I had a chicken gyro with couscous and tabouli. It was so delicious, and oddly enough it was the best meal that I had on our vacation! This became the beginning of my love for all things Moroccan. The designs inside of the restaurant were such an inspiration, so I decided to design an invitation that had a Moroccan flair to it but was still romantic. Shown are the invitation, rsvp, and envelope with matching liner. I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Packaging Love!

I came across the Annick Goutal website today and absolutely looooved the packaging! It gives me the feeling of being in love in a beautiful city on a mild fall evening

I'm a packaging freak by the way. Packaging is very important when you are selling a product, so the better packaging you have the better for your business. Think about it like this: If there were two products that were made of the same ingredients, were the same size, had the same quality and had the same cost, how would you decide which one to buy? For most people it would come down to the packaging. We're just vain like that I suppose? Or we just like to have nice stuff? At any rate, I have never heard of this company, but I am officially in love. Here's why...