Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lighting Update

I hope your week is going well! Mine has been productive to say the least. It has been full of cleaning/reorganizing, shopping and chilling. For starters, I went to a few thrift stores with my grandma and found a few gems.

You may recall the mini lamp shades that I purchased for 5 bucks to put on the chandelier in the dining room. If not, here's a picture~

Well I wasn't looking for a replacement, but I happened to run across a new pair, and since it was half off Monday, I got the set for 2 bucks!

I enjoyed the first shades, but this set is more me. I love the clean look of it, and the color and texture matches nicely with the chairs. It also doesn't look as traditional, which I love.

Whadaya think?

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