Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Staycation Inspiration

It is the eve of my return to work after a great week off. I actually accomplished a respectable amount of things. One of them was much needed cleaning and organizing. I hate cleaning, but I can say that I actually enjoyed it over the past week. Perhaps because I was off of work, so everything seemed a little sweeter?

Anyhow, I took a visit to my local bookstore and picked up a copy of the latest House Beautiful magazine. This issue had so many great ideas in it! I was totally inspired to do something in the house...especially after reading the "Send us a picture of" feature. Apparently readers send in pictures of whatever the magazine will be showcasing, and hopefully their picture will be one of the lucky ones chosen. This month's spotlight was coat closets. Eek...mine was a complete mess. In fact, I would cringe before opening the door because I knew what it looked like. So this is the feature-

This is the embarrassing "I can't believe I'm posting a picture of this for the world to see" before shot-

And this is the "Thank you House Beautiful for giving me the drive to clean up this hell hole" after shot-

Now I look forward to opening the closet door and smile every time. But I can't help but wonder...of the closets that were chosen, how many of them looked like mine before they took their "magazine worthy" picture?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm baaaack!

Greetings! I promised I would be back and that exciting things were underway. Well here I am with my latest project, wedding invitations and response cards for dear friends of mine. Since I am not complete with everything yet, I am not going to post the full suite until after they have been sent out. Until then, enjoy the snippet...