Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Busy...in a good way of course.

It's November already, and looking back on the year I have accomplished many of the goals that I set for '07. Much enlightenment occurred this year as far as what I wanted to do with my skills. So now I am trying to finish up a few things that I wanted to have done this year, and I find myself quite busy. So here is my running total of projects in progress:

  • Soy Secrets- Product labels and website (by the way, this is a company that specializes in soy body products and candles). I am almost done with this project, so pics will be up soon.
  • Barlow Divers Family Reunion- Family reunion logo and custom registration package.
  • Wedding Branding- currently courting two possible clients. I should know their decisions soon!
  • Custom stationery- in the early stages with a client. Trying to get the details worked out so that I can begin designing.
So as you see, there is a lot to keep me up at night (like right now considering it is after 12am and I should be in the bed already). Besides, what better way to end the year than with new pieces to add to my portfolio? Cheers!