About It All!


Bonjour!  My name is Lauren, and I run the creative boutique, LrnM Design.  I love to come up with new ideas {good ones at that}. I seek inspiration every second of my life.  Every moment that you breathe is a chance to see something new around you even in familiar surroundings. There are so many things that people do not pay attention to that could aid them in coming up with their next great idea, but you must be open to receive it!  My topics of interest tend to be design related since I am a graphic designer, but I am also starting to have a love affair with interior design and architecture.  Oh, and no, I'm not French.  It was my chosen foreign language in High School though, so I may use a few words or phrases every now and then.

 {The Boutique}

LrnM Design {pronounced LaurenM} is a design boutique offering unique and clever Greeting Cards, Graphic Prints and other paper goods for the modern+eclectic+chic.  Our intent is to make the receivers of our products smile since we believe in spreading positivity!