Saturday, December 27, 2008

Crafty Christmas II

Since I love crafting and cute things so much, I decided to recycle the unused Chinese take-out containers from the wedding and redecorate them as a Christmas treat box. I filled them with holiday cookies and candies...and I'm sure all recipient's dentists will thank me!

Wedding Details

To end the day of wedding related posts, I will be showcasing my design details that made the day even more personal, special and unique.

First, our programs were mini scrolls tied with an espresso, pool or green ribbon and all sat in an espresso and pool basket.

I wrapped a watercolor book with espresso fabric, then designed a cover slot that showed our names and our wedding date. This was lined with a ribbon that had an espresso, pool and green design on it.

The table name cards were designed to encourage movement. Each table was named after something that resembled us either as a couple or individually, and the story behind each name.

For the escort cards, we put tree branches in pots and hung the tags from the branches. Each card was hand stamped with a design in brown ink.

There was a table diagram on the escort tree table that showed the layout of the reception area as well as each table name/number so that guests would easily find their seats.

The dinner menu listed the buffet selections as well as a diagram for our wedding cake for dessert (yes, that is my husband and I smiling for the camera!).

We had a snack buffet for our favors. I decorated small Chinese take-out containers with our wedding logo and a green or pool ribbon. The items on our buffet were brown, blue or green to carry out our color scheme.

(some photos courtesy of our wonderful wedding photographer Marlo Herring and some photos courtesy of me! )

I hope you enjoyed and were inspired!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Wedding Invites

Next up are the wedding invites. The colors of our wedding were Espresso, Pool and Ivory with Lime green accents. I wanted our invitation to be different, and to be an accurate representation of me and my (then) fiancee. It fit us to a T, and was much loved by everyone.

Bridal Shower Invites

It has been way too long since my last post. I was in wedding planning mode during my blog hibernation...but now I am married and ready to continue showing this blog some love!

First up are my bridal shower invites. They were handmade with love! It was a lingerie shower with a healthy mix of naughty and nice. The colors du jour were black, grey and lavender. The outer paper was a very delicate material that reminded me of lace and fit in wonderfully with the lingerie theme. I sent them out in a black envelope and hand wrote each name and address with a silver pen to add a personal touch. I wanted the invites to mirror a sophisticated woman and I didn't want them to be too "girly". The outcome was a happy medium between the two and they were a hit!