Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ashton's Sweet 16!

I remember when I turned sixteen. I felt like a new person, and when I looked in the mirror in the morning before school, my face looked different. My face looked more mature. It was strange. Even more strange, my face still looks like I'm sixteen according to a lot of people. That's kinda good and kinda bad. Good because it seems that I am going to age well, but bad because I look crazy buying alcohol {stare at my face, stare at my ID, stare at my face again}.

Anyway, I wanted to share the "sweet" sweet 16 birthday party invitations that I completed this week for Ashton. I wanted them to be elegant and fun but still reflective of a teenager. Her favorite color is pink, so of course pink was incorporated. Enjoy!


  1. The print quality looks great on these! Do you get them printed somewhere or just do them in-house? Amazing work BTW! -- love the attention to detail!

  2. Thank you! These were printed in-house.