Thursday, May 27, 2010


I have heard of finding big name brands at thrift stores, but for the most part I've never been so lucky. On the way to the checkout lane, I happened to look through a cart that had clothing that hadn't been distributed to their correct locations yet. I actually looked once and didn't see anything. I went to the other side and was looking at something else on some other rack, then I happened to glance at the first rack again and I saw this pattern.

I pulled the item out of where it was hiding {it had to be hiding because I didn't see it at first!} and thought, wow...

Then I looked at the size and noticed the tag...

Juicy Couture?!?!?! Are you kidding me??? Snatch!!! It was $6.00...but it was also half off do the math.

So ummm yeah...score!

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